Balancing Oil is a perfect harmony of 10 essential oils, specifically created to target facial and body care.

  • Soothes skin

  • Clarifies skin

  • Calms and restores freshness of mind

The Secret Within

  • Rosemary, Thyme, Wild Mint
    • Possess very strong antibacterial properties
    • Help to soothe and provide relief for locally affected areas
    • Useful for families when visiting the great outdoors, especially with children
  • Rose Geranium, Rock Rose, Eucalyptus, Lemon
    • Help to decongest clogged skin
    • Soothe acne-prone or inflamed skin
    • Useful for teenagers or people who often struggle with troubling skin conditions and blemishes
  • Lavender, Lavandin, Cypress
    • Provide a light and calming fragrance
    • Help to restore peace and freshness of mind
    • Useful for those who need a calming relief, especially in stressed environments
  • Wheat Germ Oil
    • Carrier oil to ensure that Balancing Oil can be well absorbed by the skin
    • A natural concentrated source of Vitamin E
  • Vitamins C & E
    • Additional antioxidant boost for extra skin protection

How To Use

One Bottle, Multiple Uses!
  • Skin irritations: Apply directly on insect bites, eczema, rashes etc. or mix with water as a soothing facial (a few drops in 10ml of water) or body rinse (25 drops in 250ml of water)
  • Skin blemishes: Apply directly on troubled skin
  • Babies and toddlers: Apply for nappy rash and other skin irritations
  • Bath time: Mix with bath water for full body cleansing

Net Content: 30ml


Individual results may vary

I have skin that is dry and sensitive. After using Balancing Oil, my complexion has become visibly brighter. While massaging Balancing Oil into my skin, I could feel my blackheads being effectively removed and I also found it useful in clearing up my pores. I use Balancing Oil as the last step of my skin care regime and it really helps my skin absorb my skin care products better. It is also effective in soothing sensitive and irritated skin while promoting blood circulation to reduce swelling and redness. The product is easy to use with a fragrance that I really love!


I have combination skin and feel that Balancing Oil is very helpful in soothing sensitive skin and clearing up clogged pores. I use it with DR’s Secret Toner T2 for boosted hydrating effects and pair it with DR’s Secret Spot Serum 8 for a more effective remedy to my troubled skin. Other than my skin, I also applied Balancing Oil on my young son who was having rashes after an allergic reaction to a certain food. The rashes were gone very quickly in just a few moments!


Day 0

Day 1

Day 2

Day 8

While moving home, a heavy piece of furniture dropped on my foot resulting in a really bad bruise and swelling around my toe. I applied Balancing Oil liberally every day on the bruised area and just after two days, I could see great improvement with the swelling greatly reduced. After using it for 8 days, my toe recovered completely. I find Balancing Oil easily absorbed by the skin and I really love its effectiveness in providing soothing relief!


2 hours later

I have dry skin and Balancing Oil is able to hydrate and nourish while soothing my blemishes. It absorbs easily into my skin and does not feel oily or burdensome. There are also no side effects after application. Once, I applied Balancing Oil on a bruise that I had on my leg. The bruise disappeared shortly after 2 hours. I really love the fact that I can use Balancing Oil for multiple purposes!


I have combination and acne-prone skin. To target my skin problems, I pair Balancing Oil with DR’s Secret Spot Serum 8 for a boosted effect in decongesting my clogged pores. After applying liberally at night before bed, I would wake up with smoother clearer skin. Balancing Oil is also effective in soothing skin redness and swelling with no side effects after use. I personally feel that Balancing Oil is a great product for helping to soothe and alleviate common skin troubles. Oh, and its fragrance is an added bonus too!